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Get cops out of labor unions

Police associations and police unions block police accountability and protect even the most violent cops, who terrorize and kill our people. It’s time to remove police from the labor movement.

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Police Associations Are Not Real Unions

Unions are vital. They ensure fair wages and collective bargaining for millions of people. Unions build solidarity among working class people. Unions move us forward into a future grounded in equity and justice. We are 100% for unions. 

But here’s the deal: police associations provide protections to cops who perpetuate violence, racism and white supremacy. Police associations claim to protect police in support of public safety, but the statistics say the opposite. The police are one of the leading causes of death for Black people.

Rather than fight for fair wages and working conditions, police associations use collective bargaining to negotiate for the right to kill and abuse our communities with impunity.  

We can’t create safe communities when police are allowed to kill and abuse their power without consequence. That starts with real labor unions removing cops from the House of Labor.

Unjust & unfair

Across the country, police associations shield police officers from accountability

Los Angeles County, CA

Since 2012, 634 community members have been killed by police in Los Angeles County. Not a single cop has been prosecuted due to special treatment of police by the former prosecutor Jackie Lacey.

Tucson, AZ

In the past 8 years, 48 community members were killed by police in Tucson. Qualified immunity statutes passed in 1984 and in 1993, making it virtually impossible to sue a cop for excessive force or wrongful death in civil court and win.

Memphis, TN

In that same time span, 37 community members were killed in Memphis. Accountability means real labor unions removing cops from the House of Labor.

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